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Best Over the Counter Diet Pills 2016

Best Over the Counter Diet Pills 2016If you are looking for the best over the counter diet pills 2016 and to lose weight there are many options out there. In addition to diet and exercise many people use diet pills to accelerate and help lose weight faster and more effectively. Diet pills also help with appetite suppression and speeding up metabolism. We have researched the top diet pills available right now and bring you our list below. Feel free to research these yourself and compare reviews and decide which one is best for you.

#1 – Synergylife Garcinia Cambogia

Overall Rating: (4.5/5)
Diet Pill Ratings 4.5 Stars

garcinia cambogia rating

Synergylife Garcinia Cambogia helps you prevent fat from building up, control food cravings and makes you feel better and more energized. The most talked about natural weight loss is finally here! A pumpkin shaped fruit that grows in Southeast Asia and India, Garcinia Cambogia is a revolutionary breakthrough! Garcinia Cambogia contains a key ingredient HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), which is extracted from the rind of the fruit. This is mother nature’s answer to weight loss! This supplement works as a:

  • Fat Burner
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Mood Enhancer

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#2 – Slim Bean 250 Pure White Kidney Bean Extract

Overall Rating: (4.0/5)
Diet Pill Ratings 4 Stars

White Kidney Bean Extract RatingsSlim Bean 250 is a pure white kidney bean extract product that helps user burn fat quicker without dieting or exercise. The natural supplement is designed to stop carb absorption and is made from a clinically studied formula.

This is the first all natural carbohydrate blocker that has been clinically proven in multiple studies to delay the digesion and absorbtion of carbohydrates, leading to weight loss. Slim Bean 250 has been proven by clinical testing to be safe and effective. This supplement has these benefits:

  • Stops Carb Absorption
  • Non-Stimulant Natural Supplement
  • Clinically Studied

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#3 – Better Than HCG

Overall Rating: (4.0/5)
Diet Pill Ratings 4 Stars

HCG Drops RatingsBetter Than HCG has a 4 way fat fighting mechanism into the diet drops. The weight loss works by signaling the hypothalamus to begin the release of the stored body fat. That action works to dampen your appetite. The program also works to flush harmful toxins from your body, while maintaining a 1000 calorie diet, which is 500 calories more than most other HCG programs. This supplement helps with:

  • Flushing body fat
  • Appetite Supression
  • Flushes harmful toxins from the body

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Best Over the Counter Diet Pills Criteria

So how did we choose these diet pills? Here are the things we have used to determine the ‘top rated’ diet pills for this year…

Diet Pill Effectiveness

When looking at the best diet pills the number one criteria is how effective they are. The best way to determine diet pill effectiveness is to look at reviews and the scientific research and results that are presented to the consumer. If a product has legitimate reviews that show real results along with the science to back it up….it usually is a good product.


If a type of diet pill is popular over time then that is another good indicator that it really works and that people feel it is a good product.

Side Effects

If a diet pill has good results it may be worth using if it causes uncomfortable and unwanted side effects.


We have listed diet pills that are available for a fair price that produce results. There are many prescription diet pills that aren’t as effective and cost 2-3 times what some of the pills on this page cost.

Additional Diet Resources

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Always make sure to speak with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program for safety and health concerns.

Your results may vary…the claims made by these products are individual and may or may not represent your actual results.




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